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About Advenias

Advenias Srl is an Italian Software Company with headquarters in Zola Predosa (Bologna), which is specialized in Healthcare Industry.

Its core product is a SaaS based Clinical Information System named Advenias Care.

About Advenias Care

Advenias Care Software is a SaaS Cloud Platform that enables Patient Health Record management, gathering all the information and data around it, starting from residential activities and ending with clinic data. It supports all the roles that are working in clinics: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, educators and so on. Advenias Care can be adapted to different needs: clinics, residential care facilities, day-care, day-centres, rehabilitation centres, outpatient clinics, minors education centers, relatives, private practice.

The platform is a totally cloud native Software AS A SERVICE solution compatible with all computers, smartphones, tablet to manage data anywhere and anytime in an easy way. This means that our customers don’t need to buy a server and to take care about data privacy (in Europe GDPR compliance) or storage or safety of information because all data are managed by a cloud service provider, the first in the world in terms of safety and reliability: Amazon Web Services. More than one thousand structures in Italy chosen Advenias Care platform with about twenty-five thousand operators and we are constantly growing.

What is Advenias Care? An advanced healthcare management software that gives the chance to all professionals involved in the patient care process to collaborate by entering data each for their own competence and role and by consulting all data in real time, in mobility: all they need is an internet connection. The care process becomes totally paperless: the presence of a patient’s“diary”, vital parameters, therapies, multidimensional evaluation scale, physical activities, hygiene, allows an overallview of the state of health. We understand that time is at the essence of professionals so we have introduced innovative collaboration tools such as voice command, a complete integration with Google Gsuite (calendar, maps), push notifications for warnings and alerts: this facilitates their way of working.

For the management team Advenias Care will consistently improve overall productivity and profitability due to the effectiveness, efficiency and security of all aspects of organizational processes. Thanks to the API web services Advenias Care is able to guarantee the interoperability of the information system for the exchange with institutional, regional and national health data, when required.

What kind of patient do we address? In our mind there is the concept of a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree management of fragile people (chronics, elderly, disabled, minors). A network composed by family and hospital doctor, nurses, social assistant, physiotherapist, care manager, relatives, even with the help of wearable and wireless medical devices for tele-monitoring or remote diagnostic exams such as ECGs, home sensors, easily connected to ePersonam via IOT and via API.

Regarding home-care, we offer a mobile app version of Advenias Care that allows all the stakeholders to take care of the patient in mobility: all data are synchronized in real time with the cloud platform and, in the absence of connectivity, the app works offline and synchronizes data as soon as the device has the connection available.

Architecture Diagram of the solution

Advenias Care is an Healthcare platform composed of many modules, each one specific in its area. We have a Central Clinical System, an HR module for handling Doctors, Nurses and other collaborators’ check in, checkout, vacations and so on, a Warehouse module specifically for drugs and many other modules.

This platform runs completely on AWS using core AWS Services like AWS EKS, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon S3, Amazon WAF, Amazon RDS and so on.

The platform runs on Production environment as a SaaS application for many customers, and it integrates with pre-production environments useful to test the application and the infrastructure, before modifications reach the final Production environment.

Advenias Care is a SaaS solution based on AWS Infrastructure. Thanks to this design we can achieve multiple advantages: security by design, scalability, resiliency, disaster recovery, high availability…


Advenias Care was born with a security first approach and uses AWS Shield as a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service.

Other non DDoS attacks are mitigated with AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF): common attacks are dropped before reaching the application endpoints.

For monitoring, logging and auditing purposes Advenias Care uses AWS Cloudtrail and AWS Cloudwatch services. All logs are stored on Amazon S3 buckets for at least 24months with immutable property: no one, even AWS, can modify that data.

Scalability and Resilience

Advenias Care is based on AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (AWS EKS) which is a Cloud-Native highly scalable service based on Kubernetes. It’s deployed as a multiple zone fashion for resiliency in case of disaster in up to 2 AWS geographical zones.

For example if a bunch of computational nodes goes down in an AWS zone, AWS EKS automatically spins up other computational resources on a different AWS zone.

The application endpoints are based on Amazon Elastic Load Balancing which is a high available service by design.

Advenias Care is based on Amazon Aurora Postgres database: it’s a highly available service based on Postgresql DB, which uses the AWS infrastructure for replicating data in all zones of a region.

Simplified Diagram Design

Detailed Diagram Design

Compliance Program

The AWS Partner has a defined methodology and process for ensuring their internal architectural and operational processes meet the requirements of any applicable standards or compliance programs (e.g. FedRAMP, HIPAA, CJIS, etc.).

Solutions that are not subject to any compliance programs and do not advertise themselves as such are not subject to this requirement.

Evidence provided must be in the form of a list of standards or compliance programs the solution is subject to and a description of the methodology and processes used by the AWS Partner to ensure compliance.

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